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Want to DIY? No problem!

At Watson Appliance Inc., we understand how engaging and satisfying repairing large appliances can be. If you want to handle the repairs yourself and just need a few parts, we'll be happy to help!


Give us a call today - be sure to have the make and model of your appliance and the part numbers you want.

Getting the part

If we don't have the part in our inventory of spares already, we can special order it directly from the manufacturer. Once it's ready, we can send one of our service vehicles to deliver it or you can stop by the shop to pick it up.

Quality parts available:

  • Augers

  • Gaskets

  • Motors

  • Filters

Ask us about our brand new OEM parts!

Buy our quality brand new OEM parts to extend the life of your appliances. These parts will get the job done for years to come! Call us now to check on our selection.

Extend the life of your appliances

with our brand new OEM parts!

Check in on our inventory today:

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